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Radha Keshav Elders Home

A non-profit organisation that strives to provide a meaningful and motivated life for the elderly.

Lush green surroundings of Radha Keshav Elders Home

Our Trustees

Miss Laxmi K. Gallani


Hon. General Secretary

Mr. Haresh P. Tilokani


Mr. Anil Motwani

Associate Member

Mr. Heman Tilokani



Miss. Vidya P. Tilokani


Mr. Narendra V. Gallani


Mr. Vashu Shroff


 Dr. Manju R. Bhatia


Mr. Praveen H

Associate Member

Honorary Doctors

Dr. Diya N. Daultani

Honorary Doctor

Dr. Anand Patil

Honorary Doctor

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Honorary Doctor

Dr. Rachna Gupta

Honorary Doctor


The Plight of some of our Elders will be an eye-opener, if one has a little time to wait, watch and observe their feeling and reaction. in the twilight years of their lives, they feel abandoned and unwanted. The Elders of today are the founders of the world we have inherited and are living in it today. In their moment of need, it now becomes our bounden duty to help them and help them to live noble and honorable lives.

At Radha- Keshav Elders Home at Deolali, our aim is to give the Elders their dues from Society in terms of respect, love and care. The Foundation is a Non-Profitable organisation registered as a Trust with the Charity Commissioner in the state of Maharashtra Such a big project requires a continuous inflow of Funds, close monitoring of facilities available, and periodic upgrading of facilities at the Home. To this extent, we solicit your help and cooperation in the form of funds and support for this project. Donations to the Trust are exempted under Sec. 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and will go a long way to mitigate the suffering of our elders.

It must be remembered that the young of today will be the elders of tomorrow. The first step towards improving the living conditions of those who have made our lives worth living will be to help them in living peaceful and stable lives. We are sure you will rise to the occasion and help us to achieve this goal for our Elders.

Contact Us for Donations:

 +91 8668386272

+91 9820074858 

Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of I.T 1961.

Exemption Certificate No. DIT (E) MC/80-G/216/2000-2001

Dated 28-8-2000 Valid Upto 31-3-2003

Friends on the Bench, enjoying their time at Radha Keshav Elders Home
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